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Pergue collector

Adaptations are designed specifically to extract the valuable product of their bee honeycombs.

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Pergue collector

A compact inventory of a beekeeper with a spring mechanism. Used in beekeeping for the extraction of pegs (in pure form). To extract Perga, you need to put the metal rod of the collector in a cell and remove it. When you press the rubber button, the perg is extracted. This simple device (inventory) makes it possible to obtain the most valuable beekeeping product in its pure form.

Perga (bee bread) - preserved by honey-fermented composition flower pollen update. Perga, unlike pollen, is sterile, so it is better absorbed and digested. Its nutritional value is 3 times higher than pollen and 9 times higher than any other pollen substitute. By its antibiotic properties, pergus is 3 times higher than pollen. At the use it is important to know about the absence of allergic reactions to bee products.

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