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The ceiling trough (plastic)

Plastic trough of the Ukrainian manufacturer with removable covers and membrane. It is calculated on 2 liter. The dimensions are 33.5x20.5x5.6 cm.

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The ceiling trough (plastic)

The ceiling trough is made of high quality food grade plastic. It is divided into two parts: one is intended for feed (28x19 cm), the second is for the passage of bees to the feeder (3.5x19 cm). At the bottom of the small section of the feeder are three holes, the size of each of them is 5x1 cm.

This is quite enough for the passage of insects. Below the feeder department already, than above. One wall of the insect passage is lowered at an angle of about 15 degrees and made ribbed so that the bees can easily make their way into the department with food. In the same way, the neighboring wall, which leads to the stern, is symmetrically made.

The department with feeding is divided into two parts, which are separated by a removable ribbed membrane. It forms a small cell (3x19cm) into which through the narrow holes at the bottom of the membrane passes a food from the general large department. It is in this cell that bees eat. It is made in such a way that to this department the food is constantly supplied in the required quantity.

In a large department, insects can not get into, because it is securely closed with a lid and separated by a plate. A separate cover closes the department for the passage of bees and the department-feeder.

The ceiling trough is easy to use. If necessary, it can be easily dismantled and cleaned. Remove in the trough two covers (large and small) and a partition.

General characteristics of the ceiling trough for bees

  •         Material - plastic;
  •         The overall dimensions are 33.5x20.5x5.6 cm
  •         The components are the feeder itself, two removable covers, an eardrum;
  •         The capacity is 2.5 liters.
  •         Weight - 400 g.

Application of a feeding bowl for bees

The feeder is attached under the hive cover. It is used for feeding bees with syrup, honey satiety or medicinal additives.

They are poured into the large department, after which it is closed with a lid.

Using the ceiling trough can be used on any apiary.

Manufacturer - Ukraine