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Nicot Queen cage for the Queen Bees settlement

Plastic queen cage for the Queen Bees settlement with 4 plugs for attachment to the gasket, with a place for candy feed and a flap for locking the Queen Bee.

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Nicot, France


2.5 €

Nicot Queen cage for the Queen Bees settlement

Клеточка для подсадки маток в пчелосемью или отводок. Никот, Франция

The queen cage has a fairly large sizes of 148x130 mm that allows place it in a large area of honeycomb. The queen cage height is 11 mm. A large number of holes across the surface of queen cage promotes rapid habituation of the bees to the new Queen Bee and its successful reception by them.

Feed part of the beehive fill with feed of candy for the new Queen Bee settlement. Queen cage is placed with its brood on the output and cells of honey. Queen cage is fixed on the gasket by four pins that are included in the kit. It is fixed by a rope or rubber for additional safety.

The Queen Bee settle through the hole and lock by the flap that is supplied. Young bees break brood under the queen cage and accept and begin to care this Queen Bee. A few days later, you can open the flap and allow a small access to the Queen Bee and you can also give the opportunity for the Queen Bee to leave itself the Nicot queen cage.

Manufacturer: S.A.S. NICOTPLAST, Maisod, France (Nicot ™, Nicot, France).


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