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Sleeve lateral for frames 1100 pieces (100g) - buy


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Sleeve lateral for frames 1100 pieces (100g)

Sleeves with a smooth hat are used for beehive frames to prevent wire from cutting into the tree. Packing: 1100 pieces.

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Sleeve lateral for bee frames, 1100 pieces.

Within the framework for hives, when installing and tensioning the wire, the wire often cuts into the tree and wanes. In this connection, deformation of the wax sheet is possible. On such deformed sheets, bees often build drone cells. Especially strongly the wire cuts into soft wood species - for example, Lipa (although Lipa is considered one of the best quality varieties of wood). To avoid such problems, special bushings are used in beekeeping (similar to the "eyelet" for furniture production).

The bushing has a special coating, which protects it from corrosion and rust. The bushing is made in the form of a mushroom and has a hat with a smooth bend for convenient transportation of the wire through the hole. The diameter of the sleeve is only 2.5 mm, which is quite enough for all types of wires used in beekeeping. The height of the sleeve is 6mm with a reserve for all standards of the hive frames. The diameter of the rounded cap 5mm makes it possible for the wire to bend without deformation (without sharp corners).

New! On sale there were bushings packed on 11tys pieces (1kg). To specify the desired packaging - specify when placing an order.

Attention! In the standard packing 100g approximately 1100 pieces and in the package 1kg 11000 pieces. The price is indicated by default for one packing 100g.


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