Bowls JZ-BZ motherboard

American bowls JZ-BZ are some of the most successful solutions for motherhood or for collecting royal jelly.

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Bowls JZ-BZ uterine, USA Misochka is installed in the graft on the grafting rod

Misochki JZ-BZ are among the most popular among western beekeepers. Misochki are used to remove quality queens or royal jelly. American bowls are made of high quality food plastic which bees perfectly master.

One of the important conveniences for the beekeeper is the presence in the mithochka of the foot for fast and reliable attachment of the bowls on the vaccine plate. To mount the bowls on the inoculation plate, the propyl is pre-made. To transfer the larvae into such bowls use a spatula. Misochki intended for repeated use when removing the uterus or collecting royal jelly.

Production: USA (JZ-BZ, USA)

27 Jul 2017 (Bowls JZ-BZ motherboard) :

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