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Chisel with pick up ProSteel + Euro (29 cm)

A universal tool, a chisel, with a grip for frames, like "Euro". The chisel is made of high quality stainless steel.

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6 €

Chisel with pick up ProSteel + Euro (29 cm)

Chisel with pick up ProSteel, also has a built-in nail function. The length of the chisel is 29 centimeters. The material from which the chisel is made is a high-quality stainless metal, such a tool is very difficult to damage mechanically, and it is also very resistant to corrosion. Such chisel will serve the beekeeper for many years. Due to its wide functionality and durability, it is possible to use a chisel in the household.

The chisel combines the functionality of the three main tools in the apiary, chisel, nail and pick-up. By how much over time the bees are applied to the wax on everything that is in the hive, the process of inspecting the hive may require some effort.

The chisel will help the beekeeper clean the frames of the wax formed on them, which will help in their extraction. The other side of the chisel has a special hook, which serves as a pick-up for the frames.

Production: Germany


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