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Chisel pommel 26cm

German beekeeping chisel high quality stainless steel with a hole for removing nails (nail). The length is 26cm.

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Chisel pastern 26cm, stainless steel

It is always pleasant to work with comfortable and high-quality beekeeping equipment. One of these pleasant little things we can call this product - a chisel for a beekeeper from Germany.

The chisel is made of high quality stainless steel. Its length of 26 centimeters allows the beekeeper to cope with any tasks and conveniently hold the tool in his hand. Due to the large dimensions and reflections emanating from stainless steel, such a chisel is always easy to detect on its apiary (on hives or even in grass). Both edges of the chisel are pointed for any passechnye works. The edges of the chisel are expanded to 40mm, and the narrow handle 21mm fits comfortably in the beekeeper's hand. Even with the use of beekeeping gloves such a chisel is convenient to carry out all work on the apiary.

Пасечная стамеска с возможностью гвоздодера для помощи пчеловоду

One of the nice features of the chisel is the ability to extract nails or any similar items. A special hole in the top of the chisel successfully performs the function of the nail without using another tool, which may simply not be at hand for the beekeeper. Thick stainless steel allows you to remove even large nails or screws from wood and without deforming the chisel.

The length of the chisel: 260mm.

Chisel width: 40mm (21mm handle).

Production: Germany


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