Shape for candles

Molds made and made of silicone. Designed for self-made wax candles at home.

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Molds for making wax candles

To make a beautiful wax candle with your own hands became easy and accessible with the help of a special mold.

General description:

  • Material - silicone;
  • Height - 70 mm;
  • Diameter - 30 mm (diameter of the candle).

Silicone mold from the outside is decorated with a pattern, which when casting wax is reflected on the candle. As a result, beekeepers will receive a round candle with the image of bee honeycomb and bees.
The surface of the mold is smooth. Along one side of it there is a cut. It is necessary for the beekeepers to penetrate the gnat into the hole made. In addition, after the wax solidifies, the candle can easily be removed by sliding the incision.

Making a candle with a mold

When preparing candles with a silicone mold, it is necessary to prepare all the equipment. For this, beekeepers will need:

  • Silicone mold;
  • wick;
  • Elastic band (2-3)
  • wax.

To make a candle with a mold, first of all you need to melt the wax. This can be done by various convenient beekeeper ways. While the wax melts, prepare the mold: the wick cut to the required value is threaded into the special hole of the mold so that it looks 15-30 mm below and above the mold. After that, the silicone mold around is fixed with elastic bands so that the wax does not flow through the cut.

After a full-flaming of the wax, it is poured into the mold, holding the thread in the center of the hole until it fixes itself. When the wax thickens, the elastics are removed and the candle is pulled out. From the bottom, the excess wick is cut off and the candle is ready for use.


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