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The beekeeper's jacket Opima LUX (Cotton + net) - buy


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The beekeeper's jacket Opima LUX (Cotton + net)

Jacket with a protective mask is designed for use even in very hot weather. Its mesh material passes 90% of air and reliably protects from bees bites due to the layer of porous foam. All protective elements of the jacket are thought out to the smallest details. To the jacket Optima LUX you can independently choose a protective mask, which is included in the kit - round or euro.

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30 €

The beekeeper's jacket Opima LUX (Cotton + net)


Material: cotton, mesh + foam
Accessories: beekeeper's jacket, protective mask
Mask type: round / euro
Color: light khaki, bodily

During the necessary work on the apiary in hot summer weather, even the thinnest fabric from which the beekeeper's overalls are made causes discomfort. However, for its own safety, dressing it is a prerequisite, the ignoring of which can lead to undesirable consequences.

In order that beekeepers willingly put on protective clothing and feel free in it, experts from the sphere of beekeeping developed the best variant of summer jackets with a protective mask.

In most jackets, Optima LUX is sewn from two layers of a thin grid, between which is a layer of foam rubber. Its thickness is about 3 mm. Soft foam material consists of thin-walled pores filled with air. Due to this property, warm air under clothes does not linger.

Some elements of the jacket are made from a cotone that also passes air well. Sleeves are sewn from it, the neck zone of the jacket, the waist zone, the pocket placed on the stomach (under the pocket for air circulation, a mesh with foam rubber is sewn), and a part of the protective mask.

Optima LUX beekeeper protection elements

The main function of the beekeeper's overalls is to provide reliable protection when contacting bees. The protective elements of the Optima LUX jacket are elastic bands at the waist, wrists and on the neck mask area.

Through its material, the penetration of the bee sting is almost impossible since the coton is dense, and the thickness of the mesh portion of the jacket is larger than the sting.

In addition, the jacket is loose, which also plays an important role as a protective, and for air circulation.

A separate element of protection is professionally sewn a mask. It reliably isolates the head and neck of the beekeeper from the bee stings.

Protective mask of the beekeeper

To the jacket you can choose a convenient for you mask, which is included in the kit:   

  • Round mask;
  • Euro mask of the beekeeper.

Accordingly, on the characteristics of both masks, their areas that are most in contact with the beekeeper's body are sewn from a porous mesh fabric, which ensures a constant air circulation. In the round mask is the top of the hat. And in the mask of the euro - part of the hat on top and the cervical department.

The protective mask to the jacket is not attached. Therefore, if there is no need for its use, the mask can be removed. In addition, if necessary, the survey grid in the round mask can be omitted. To do this, pull off its upper part from the rats of the hat.

Attention! When ordering, you must specify the type of mask.

Features of the beekeeper jacket with Optima LUX mask

  •     Safely protects against bee stings;
  •     Pleasant to the touch;
  •     Passes 90% of the air;
  •     Natural, hygienic and safe for health.

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