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Knife apiary Jero, Portugal 250mm (double-sided sharpening)

The knife can easily handle the printing on honeycomb combs thanks to the special blade sharpening method

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Jero Beekeping

25 €

Knife apiary Jero, Portugal 250mm (double-sided sharpening)

The beekeeper who once worked with the Jero knife will use it constantly. The secret lies in the special sharpening of the blade, which allows you to remove the zabrus from the honey frame by a light movement of the knife. Using such a knife, you no longer need to warm the knives in hot water and use steam or electron-knives.

The blades of the Jero knives are made of stainless steel. The knife blade is sharpened in the form of denticles on both sides. The blade of the knife can be as long as 25 or 28 centimeters, depending on the choice of the beekeeper.

Cutting all the prints in one run with a knife becomes possible due to the tip of the knife, which is raised relative to the plane of the honeycombs. The spout of the knife is bent so it does not snag at the bar and does not get stuck in the combs. Knife handle is of two kinds - from plastic or from hard wood. On the blade of the original knife must be present company logo - Jero Beekeeping with the image of a bee.

Jero Beekeeping knives supplied by our company are delivered to Ukraine directly from the manufacturer.


Blade: 250 mm, sharpening on both sides
Handle: made of wood

Manufacturer: Jero Beekeeping.



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