Electric PROFI knife from stainless steel, 220V, View larger

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Electric PROFI knife from stainless steel, 220V

Pasach elektronozh "Profi" 220 volts. Made in Serbia, the blade of the knife is made of stainless steel. Easily removes zabrus with honeycombs.

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Electric PROFI knife from stainless steel, 220V

Without the use of special equipment, the process of cutting off a zabor is rather laborious and requires a certain effort process. The electric knife produced in Serbia serves one purpose - greatly simplifying this process. Having tested the knife in action, you are unlikely to want to return to the previous ways of removing zabrus from the frames.

Due to the fact that the knife has a power of 220V, it quickly reaches the working temperature, without taking a lot of time to warm up. Knife handle is made of lacquered wood. The knife has a built-in thermostat from overheating. The weight of the knife is only 0.47 kg, the knife is balanced and very convenient to use.

Technical characteristics of the electric knife Profi:

  •     Operating voltage: 220 - 250 V
  •     Power consumption: 150 W
  •     Blade size: 25 cm, blade width 5 cm
  •     Heating to operating temperature: 1 min.
  •     Operating time of the knife under the workload: unlimited
  •     It is possible to use any power source of the generating 220 V

Precautionary measures:

  •     Do not immerse the knife in working condition in water. The knife does not require cooling.
  •     It is not recommended to disassemble the knife, in order to avoid electric shock, as well as its breakage
  •     Unplug the knife if it is not used for a long time

Video about the work of an elektronozha pasechnogo 220V from a colleague Gennady Petrukhin


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