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Lens for carrying larvae (magnifying glass 110mm)

A desktop magnifying glass with an increase of x2.5. The lens is folded and irreplaceable when carrying larvae.

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8.2 €

The desktop lens with an increase of x2.5 (diameter of the magnifying glass 110mm)

To transfer larvae or to obtain royal jelly in beekeeping, this lens will be an excellent solution. Glass with a diameter of 110 mm gives an increase of x2.5 times. The design of the magnifying glass is designed in such a way that the stand folds, which is convenient when transporting the magnifier to the apiary.

Convenient in beekeeping 2.5x magnifier for viewing small objects (such as larvae of bees). A distinctive feature of this model is that it leaves the beekeeper's hands free.

And the hull design does not cover the lighting for the parts in question, and the light comes from all sides, and the cutout in one of the walls allows you to shift or flip objects directly under the magnifying glass. With this lens you can view all the smallest details.

Technical characteristics of the magnifier (optical product for beekeepers):

  •     Magnification: 2.5
  •     The dimensions of the lens in assembled form: 165 x 135 x 43mm
  •     The size in the expanded form: 190 х 165 х135 mm

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