Dekristallizator on a plastic container (60 L), View larger

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Dekristallizator on a plastic container (60 L)

Model dekristallizatora, designed for the process of dissolving honey in a plastic barrel of 60 liters.

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Dekristallizator on a plastic container (60 L)

Dekristallizator - device, which must be present in the arsenal of any beekeeper. The first reason for this is its ability to quickly de-crystallize honey in any capacity. This model of decrystallizer is designed to dissolve honey in a plastic 60 liter container.

After decrystallization, honey will get a nice appearance. Carry out the process of packing liquid honey, it is much more convenient than crystallized. Dekristallizator honey works on the principle of "soft" heating of the container, which contains honey. Too fast heating, or exceeding the temperature of heating honey, can lead with harmful consequences. The process of dissolution of honey, during which all technique is not observed, can cause significant harm to microorganisms that are contained in honey. Using a decrystallizer, you will never encounter such a situation, it's all about device design.

The dekristallazator has a thermostat, which instead of you monitors the temperature regime throughout the decrystallization process. When the honey reaches the desired temperature of 40C, the heating will automatically stop, as soon as the temperature has dropped, the heating will be switched on again. The time for the dissolution of honey depends on its type, but on average it takes 24-48 hours, after this time the honey contained in the heated container will be completely decrystallized.


  •     Preheating to + 40 ° C.
    Power supply 220 V.
    Power 85 watts.

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