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Cap for marking the uterus "QueenMake"

A simple and reliable cap for marking the uterus. The production used food plastic, harmless to the uterus and bees.

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Cap for marking the uterus "QueenMake"

The uniqueness of this tagging cap, in front of the others, is that it makes it possible to mark the uterus directly on the honeycomb. The cap has 3 legs, with which it is fast and securely attached to the honeycomb.

The cap is in the form of a ring with a detachable plastic mesh, a cap made of food plastic is made, which is completely harmless for bees and uterus. Labeling the uterus, using the cap, will take you at least a minimum of time. The mat is covered with a cap directly on the frame and marked with a marker, or a special opaline mark is glued.

Diameter of the cap 47 mm, cell size 3 * 3 mm


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