Kerosene to the smoke-gun "Varomor", 1L, View larger

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Kerosene to the smoke-gun "Varomor", 1L

Hungarian kerosene (1l.) Of high quality is used as a solvent when processing bees Varomor.

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Kerosene to the smoke-gun "Varomor", 1L

The degree of purification of kerosene is not unimportant. The quality of kerosene directly affects both the bees themselves and the medicinal properties of the preparations.

It is highly discouraged to use foreign substances as solvents, such as: aviation kerosene, liquid for ignition of a grill and so on. Using a little cleaned liquid when creating a solution to the smoke gun, you run the risk of causing severe damage to the gun itself. Applying an extraneous liquid as a solvent, you risk hammering your smoke gun with a sediment that drops out of the drugs if they are not completely dissolved.

Hungarian kerosene has a unique multi-stage purification degree. Using kerosene of this quality, you reduce to zero the risk of harm to your gun. The degree of cleaning kerosene also affects the bees themselves, on the quality of it depends on how well they will transfer the drug. The cleaner the kerosene, the less chance that bees will have any complications after processing.

One liter can of purified kerosene is enough for about 1000 doses. A solution prepared on its basis can last for several months.

Country of origin: Hungary



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