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Purified kerosene

Using the "Varomor" smoke cannon when processing bees, purified kerosene is used to prepare the working solution. The degree of kerosene purification in this case plays an important role

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Purified kerosene

The efficiency of the whole procedure depends on the degree of kerosene purification, by means of which a working solution is created from the preparations. Some beekeepers use as a solvent for preparations liquid for ignition of fire, aviation fuel and other non-purified liquids. Such a disregard for instructions on the use of smoke-guns "Varomor" and recommendations for the processing of bees, may entail serious consequences.

First of all, this threatens the output of the smoke guns, the untreated fluids, while the cannon evaporates leaving a sediment that gradually clogs the cannon tube system, and as a result, completely destroys it. The second important disadvantage of using such substances is their effect on bees, the liquid for ignition of fire does not allow the active substance of the drug to affect the bees in full force, due to the presence of foreign impurities in it. It is impossible to predict the consequences of treatment with the use of non-quality liquids, this can be detrimental to the overall condition of the entire bee colony.

The use of refined kerosene guarantees the maximum result from the drug that is being tested. Bulgarian kerosene is purified using a unique liquid filtration system that allows filtering out undesirable impurities, thereby increasing the quality of the liquid produced at the outlet. This kerosene completely evaporates during the operation of the gun, and leaves absolutely no rain in its system.


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