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Spatula transfer larvae

A popular worldwide model of an automatic spatula for transferring larvae (Chinese spatula). Easily carries the larva along with the royal jelly particles.

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Шпателя для переноса личинок и сбора маточного моловка в интернет-магазине для пчеловодства UkrBee.comSpatula transfer larvae with automatic descent. Chinese spatula.

In beekeeping for the removal of queens or the collection of royal jelly, it is necessary to transfer the larva from the honeycomb to the desired beekeeper bowl. Many means have been invented for this complex procedure. Many spatulas injure the larva, can not hook or remove the larva, can not tolerate a drop of royal jelly in which the larva is located.

Literally several years ago, Chinese beekeepers invented a spatula with a nail, which easily catches the larva. The most important thing is that the larva he picked up along with a drop of royal jelly on the honeycomb. Also an important element of the Chinese spatula is the ability to automatically remove the larva with an integrated piston with a spring mechanism.

Шпателя для переноса личинок (интернет магазин пчеловодства УкрБи)

Attention: to transfer the larvae, you need to choose a place with sufficient moisture and without direct sunlight reaching the larvae. Many beekeepers carry the larvae in the car, and to moisten the honeycomb with larvae covered with a wet towel

To transfer the larva you need to bring a spatula and grab the larva with a drop of royal jelly, then transfer to the right bowl. To remove the larva from the spatula, you need to press the button. Under the influence of a spring piston, the larva will be in a new bowl.

Because of the country in which it is produced, the spatula in the people it was called "Chinese spatula".


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