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Spoon for honey

A wooden spoon for honey with a thread on the handle. The size of the spoon is 16 cm

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1.2 €

Spoon for honey

Honey is a very useful natural product, which is known for its priceless value from the beginning of its existence to the present. Since honey is special, it is eaten by unusual spoons.

Than eat honey?

From what to use honey, its value is not lost. But it is customary to have special round spoons. They not only look beautiful, but also give the opportunity to fully feel the taste of the natural product, because the spoon is also natural - made of wood.

It is compact and easy to use. The spoon is smoothly polished, so you can easily wash it.

The handle of the spoon is decorated with carvings. Such a spoon will become a wonderful decoration for any plate with honey.

General characteristics of a spoon for honey

  •     Material - wood;
  •     The diameter is 2 cm.
  •     The height is 16 cm.

Price - per 1 spoon

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