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Nicot system set “Nicot – 100”

Nicot system set “Nicot – 100”: Nicot combs, Holders for bowls - 100, Cap for holder - 100, Protective cell - 100.

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Nicot, France


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Nicot system set “Nicot – 100”

Никот - современная система для самостоятельного выведения маток

The Nicot system is developed by specialists in breeding of queen bees considering biological needs known to modern science of bees. The French company Nicoplast during its existence has taken a leading position and recognition on products for bees. The company exists for more than 40 years (since 1973) and is constantly improving and modernizing its production equipment and manufactured products. The products for beekeeping is produced under the brand name Nicot™.

All kits of Nicot sets consist of components that can be purchased separately. This is especially useful for beekeepers, who first buy the Nicot combs, thus, if necessary, they will be able to buy all the necessary components.

Nicot system set “Nicot – 100”

Sets for making of queen bees of Nicot system differ only in the number of components included in the kit. The number in the title of a set stands for number of elements for a single queen bee (holder for bowl + cap for holder + protective cell). Sets of Nicot-20, Nicot-30, Nicot-50 and Nicot 100 differ only in the number of elements for the system. Therefore, the choice should be based on a set of desired need of the queen bees. If eventually the need in queen bees increases, you can buy all the components in our beekeeping online-store Beekeeper shop.

The set of Nicot system "Nicot-100" includes:

  •  Nicot combs (tape, main combs system for any Nicot set) – 1pcs.
  •  Set of Nicot bowls (the system has 110 holes for Nicot bowls) – 110 pcs.
  •  Holders for bowls (to put the cups with larvae into them) – 100 pcs.
  •  Cap for holder (attached to the frame, the holder with bowl is put on it) – 100 pcs.
  •  Protective cell (cell “curlers” for reliable isolation of breed shed or the queen bee) – 100 pcs.
  •  User guide (in original is supplied in French) – 1 pcs.

In der folgenden Tabelle sehen Sie die Komplettierung der Nicot Sätze. Es hilft Ihnen den Satz, der Ihnen am besten passt, zu wählen.

Wenn Sie noch Fragen hinsichtlich der Komplettierung oder der Nutzung des Nicot Systems haben - bitte kontaktieren Sie uns per Telefon oder E-Mail. Wir werden gerne alle Ihre Fragen antworten.

Hersteller: S. A. S. NICOTPLAST, Maisod, Frankreich (Nicot ™, Nicot, Frankreich).


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