Product Brands

  • Api-san
  • Carl Jenter, Germany
  • Jero Beekeping
  • Nicot, France
  • Production and innovation cooperative
  • Skíf
  • Swienty, Denmark
  • Tomasz Łysoń, Poland
  • UkrBi Teh
  • Unifarm LLC
  • АВВ-100

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Latest News

Varomor Plus - a new set! 2016-04-29 16:26:20
Varomor Plus - a new set!

The company UkrBee has collected a special set of smoke cannons for beekeepers, who are going to buy a smoke gun Varomor....

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QuickStart Kit 2015-07-21 12:32:10
QuickStart Kit

The novelty of the original JST honeycomb "Quick Start" from Germany is already available to our beekeepers, who deduce or plan to remove bee queens. ...

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Smoke cannon Varomor for processing bees from mites 2015-07-21 12:32:10
Smoke cannon Varomor for processing bees from mites

Smoke cannon Varomor is a device that is used indiscriminately by beekeepers all over the world, with the disease of bees with varroa....

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