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Overalls of the bee-keeper, mask "Euro"


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Overalls of the bee-keeper, mask "Euro"

Overalls for work in the apiary, a simple and not expensive way to protect your body from bee stings.

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Overalls of the bee-keeper, mask "Euro"

The time spent in the apiary can be spoiled by a bee sting, since even a single bee can have very serious bites. Neglect of own safety can lead to rather unpleasant consequences. One way that you can reliably protect yourself while working on an apiary is to buy a beekeeper's overalls. He has a special tailoring, which will not allow the bee to sting the beekeeper. Undoubted advantage of the jacket is also a mask type "Euro", which reliably adjoins the beekeeper's shoulders and excludes direct contact of the bee with the face and neck.

The mask has a special frame, with which the mask retains its shape. The beekeeper's overalls have good air exchange. This plays an important role for any beekeeper, since most work in the apiary is performed in hot periods, a sense of comfort plays a big role.

Regardless of the size of the apiary, it is recommended to wear special clothes during all work in the apiary.


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