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Stamping bee-monger european maxi stainless steel

Beef smoker with high-quality stainless steel with a protective net from burns. Distributed in use on Ukrainian apiaries.

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Stamping bee-monger european maxi stainless steel

Cylindrical again beeper smoke is made of stainless steel. It is closed by a round lid, on which is built an elongated hole for smoke. The hole diameter is 1.5 cm. The lid is attached to the base of the smoke.
The inner part of the cylindrical base has a double bottom, which is formed by means of a special sieve-like metal insert. It is somewhat smaller in size than the main bottom, which allows it to be pulled out. Between the main bottom and the plate with holes there is a space of 2.5 cm for putting fumigating materials there.

To the basis of the smoke of the smoke. The smoke of the smoke is made from natural suede. It is fixed on both sides with metal brackets to wooden plates, which are surrounded by stainless steel. Their height is 19 cm, width - 11.6 cm.
Features of the smoke maxi stainless steel maxi stainless steel

The beekeeper's smoker is equipped with a protective net from the body burns. It is securely attached to a cylindrical base. Between the protective grid and the base of the smoke there is space - 0.6 cm.
After using the smoke, the fur can be folded with a special metal plate. Its size is 4 cm. The stainless plate on both sides is bent by 45 degrees. It is these curved edges that hold the fur.

General characteristics of the beekeeper's smoke:

  •      Height - 225 cm;
  •      The volume is 10 cm;
  •      Material - stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Czech Republic.


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