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Labels numbered (1-99)


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Labels numbered (1-99)

Labels of all colors for tavrirovaniya queens with a convenient numbering 1-99. Opalitovye marks are made on the form of a breast of a uterus are easily pasted.

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Tags of standard colors numbered

Opalite tags make it easy to label the uterus with glue and assign each unique uterus a unique number. The numbers in one set are enough for a small apiary. Tag numbering from 1 to 99 allows you to more accurately track production lines or simply monitor the genealogy of each bee family.

Метки отличаются по цвету согласно году рождения маткиCzech tags have a slightly rounded shape for a more accurate fit to the breast of the queen bee. The tags are supplied in all basic colors according to international color standards for beekeeping. The colors are bright enough to easily locate the labeled uterus in the hive.

The figure on the label is large enough and is drawn in a convenient font for reading. For gluing it is recommended to use special quick-drying glue. After gluing the label, it is advisable to keep the uterus for a few minutes in a cage and then release it.

Over these minutes, the smell of the glue is weathered and the label is securely glued to the uterus, which ensures the successful reception of the labeled uterus in the hive and the long and reliable wearing of the label by the uterus.

When ordering, you need to specify the desired color of the labels. Also in our online beekeeping shop you can order a set of all five colors and get a discount.

Production: Czech Republic


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