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Jenter's honeycomb (cartridge) Jenter-012

The basis of any system of upbringing the Queen Bees is the Jenter's honeycomb complete with Production No. 012.

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Carl Jenter, Germany


86 €

Jenter's honeycomb (cartridge) Jenter-012

The set of Jenter's honeycomb (honeycombs) includes:

  • Basic plastic base, which imitates natural honeycomb with holes for putting under the bowls;
  • white grating that imitate the pulled cells;
  • Front cover of the grating for the passage of bees and reliable isolation of the Queen Bee;
  • The back transparent cover with branded inscriptions: Karl-Jenter;

WARNING! Round choke of front cover for isolation the Queen Bee is not included in the set.

Manufacturer: Karl-Heinz Jenter, Germany.