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Cell for the uterus (bamboo)

A cell for a queen bee from a tree (bamboo), allows to isolate the uterus reliably and give an easy passage for bees.

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0.4 €

Bamboo cell for the queen bee

A special cell for the queen bee. One of the walls of the cell shifts, which makes it possible to catch the uterus even on a honeycomb. You can catch the uterus on a honeycomb even with bees. Thanks to the rounded bars from the bamboo tree, the bees easily leave the cell, and the uterus remains in the cell. This cell is convenient for use when replanting bee poppy in a hive. Bees get access to the uterus, and the uterus is thus limited in movement and can not leave the cell.

The cell can also be used as temporary isolation of the uterus in the hive. Thanks to the low price and high practicality, this product has gained special popularity in beekeeping. Test and you on your apiary and leave a tip about the cell.

Material: bamboo wood, plastic



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