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Tube "Lyulka" for catching the uterus - buy


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Tube "Lyulka" for catching the uterus. Glass

The use of a tube will greatly accelerate and simplify the process of catching the uterus. It also minimizes the risk of damaging the uterus

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Tube "Lyulka" for catching the uterus. Glass

On any apiary, from time to time, there is a need to transfer or temporary isolation of the uterus. Using homemade or poor-quality implements, you are at great risk of damaging the uterus and even killing it. To prevent such situations, it is highly recommended to use specialized inventory. There are many types of inventory that serve this purpose, plastic boxes, wooden, etc. But they have one big disadvantage, they limit the zone of visibility in the process of catching the uterus. With one careless movement, you can press down the uterus with the hull of this cell.

The tube "Lyulka" has long been in demand among beekeepers all over the world. Its design serves only one purpose - temporary maintenance of the uterus. At one end of the tube is a wide opening, to reduce the risk of damage to the uterus, it has special, smooth edges.

The tube gradually narrows to the second edge, at the end of which there is a round hole, closed by a rubber stopper. The conical shape of the tube physiologically causes the uterus to move in the direction of its narrowing. Due to the fact that "Lyulka" is made of glass, during the whole time of isolation the uterus will be under your supervision. To release the uterus, you only need to remove the cap and guide the end of the tube in the direction you need.

Production: Czech Republic


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