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Varomor smoke cannon

Smoke-gun "Varomor" for effective treatment of bees and prevention by smoke fumigation. Significantly saves time at high rates.

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UkrBi Teh

249 €

Smoke gun "Varomor"

Varomor is a modern remedy for effective control of varroatosis in bees. Apply it in beekeeping by fumigation of bees and at the same time with the evaporation of the bee receive medicinal preparations. Substances that can be used by beekeepers: fluvalinate, bipin, thymol, amitraza, oxalic acid, etc. The solvent used is water, ethyl 96% alcohol or purified kerosene.

Дым-пушка Варомор для эффективного лечения и профилактики варроатоза у пчел

When the steam evaporates with medicinal substances, the bees become irritated and move intensively around the entire hive, which significantly increases the efficiency of using the Varomor smoke cannon. Especially useful Varomor became for the owners of eco-passek. So, when using VAROMOR and pure ecological preparations (thymol, oxalic acid, etc ...), it is possible to effectively combat the varroa mites without using chemistry.

For industrial apiaries and beekeepers with a large number of hives, this device has become a real find. Within a few hours the beekeeper can process hundreds of hives with Varomor's help and at the same time get high quality processing.

Varomor is delivered as standard:

  •      Smoke gun "VAROMOR" - 1 pc.
  •      Operating instructions Varomor - 1 pc.

Particular attention should be paid to safety. When using Varomor, always wear a respirator (not supplied).

The scheme of the device "Varomor"

  1.      Gas-burner
  2.      The pump for supplying hydraulic fluid
  3.      Tank for working fluid (preparation)
  4.      Igniter
  5.      Cap for working fluid reservoir
  6.      Drive Pen Drive Pump Fluid
  7.      Tube for evaporation of substance
  8.      Gas supply tap
  9.      Gas trigger (piezoelectric actuator)
  10.      Bolt of adjustment of a dose of submission of a working liquid
  11.      Ring of gas bottle clamping
  12.      Gas spray can

Схема Варомора - дым-пушка устройство для обработки пчел от клещей Вароа
Mounting and replacing the gas cylinder to the smoke cannon "Varomor"
Схема установки баллона с газом в дымовую пушку "Варомора"

WARNING! A cylinder with gas is not included in the kit. It is forbidden to be shipped by air mail. A gas cylinder can be bought at any construction store.

Guarantee for the device "Varomor" 1 year

Production: "UkrBi TechGroup", Kirovograd, Ukraine.


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