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Bucket for honey (1 liter)

A bucket for honey made of food plastic, a capacity of 1 liter

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0.3 €

Bucket for honey (1 liter)

Beekeepers who sell honey know perfectly well that the most important thing in attracting a buyer is not only the kind of honey, but also the packaging in which it is sold. The bulk of buyers, when buying, is guided only by the external characteristics of the product being sold. Selling a good honey of the highest quality in old, not pretty containers, you are guaranteed to lose not a small part of the buyers.

Plastic bucket is perfect for packaging honey for sale. It is made of environmentally friendly food plastic that does not contain toxin and harmful impurities, in contrast to industrial plastics. In such a container, your honey will be perfectly visible to the buyer and at the same time reliably protected from dust and other contaminants.


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