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Tape for queen cells BEE-CUP

Single-row tape for 20 queen cells. It is designed for harvesting royal jelly or removing queen bees.

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Tape for queen cells BEE-CUP

Application of tape for queen cells

For more convenient carrying out of the necessary work for the production of royal jelly or the withdrawal of queens, modern beekeepers use tapes that are attached to the vaccine bar.

The tape is single-row, designed for 20 queen cells. The bowls are placed on a thin plastic plate 14.5 cm long and 1.9 cm wide. The diameter of the bowl is 1.1 cm, the depth is 1.2 cm.

The tape for queen cells is easy to use, easily attached to the vaccine plate and well received by bees.

General characteristics of the BEE-CUP tape

  •     Material - plastic;
  •     The size is 14.5x1.9 cm;
  •     On the tape - 20 bowls

After application, the tape should be washed in warm water.

The price is for 1 tape


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