Jenter bowl holders x40pcs

Yellow holders (up to 40 pieces) for the bowls of the output system of the queens "Jentsky honeycomb". In two variations: the old sample - smooth and new - ribbed.

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Carl Jenter, Germany


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Holders of Jenter's bowls. Art. 060 Jenter (packing 40 pieces)

Держатели мисочек (Джентер): гладкие и ребристыеThe holder for the Jetster honeycomb bowls is used to attach the bowls with the larva from the system "Jentsky honeycomb". Such a bowl with a holder is inserted into the inoculation bar. The holes for the holders in the bar should be 17-18mm.

Ribbed holders can be used with thick and thin curlers (cages). The company of Jenter produces two types of holders: smooth and ribbed. Smooth mounts were used in the first systems of the Jitter cell, they can perfectly be used now in vaccine slats or with thick cells (hair curlers). Thin cages-hair curlers can not be fixed to smooth holders. Therefore, after the invention of thin cells, Jenter released a new version of the yellow holders. For visual difference, they became ribbed. The special shape of the neck of the ribbed holders allows using them with all the cells and bowls produced by Carl Jenter.

Given the new trends of the company Carl Jenter, we by default put on sale ribbed holders for bowls. If you need smooth or you want to buy a smaller quantity than in the whole package, you can specify it when ordering in our online store for Beekeeping "UkrBi" by phone or e-mail UkrBee.

Packing - 40 pieces. Price is charged for packing.

Manufacturer: Karl-Heinz Jenter, Germany (Karl-Heinz Jenter, Germany).


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