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Loupe beekeeping manual with LED backlight (X6.0) - buy


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Loupe beekeeping manual with LED backlight (X6.0)

A hand loupe with six bright LED lights placed in a circle for uniform illumination. Lise magnifier gives a 6-fold increase

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18 €

Loupe beekeeping manual with LED backlight (X6.0)

The magnifier is very comfortable in the beekeeper's hand. Quality glass with a sixfold increase in the subject matter. A feature of this magnifier is the presence of six bright LED LED lights, which are located in a circle.

The magnifying glass makes it easy to see small eggs in a bee brood or to transfer larvae. LEDs very economically use energy and are powered by two AAA batteries, which are enough for a fairly long mode of operation. Modern silver color with a chrome button.

Note: batteries are not included in the package. Increase - Х6.0


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