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Hedgehog, pusher roller

The ice rink "Hedgehog" is used by beekeepers to remove the wax seal (zabrus) from honeycombs. Useful also for printing honeycombs for bees in a hive.

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Roller Hedgehog (for printing out honeycombs) with metal needles

Beekeepers resort to using a variety of equipment, when there is a need to print out honeycombs, the Hedgehog roller serves this purpose. It has a fairly simple design, the presence of a minimum number of parts in the product makes it more reliable to use and durable. The roller consists of a handle made of wood and a plastic tube, the diameter of which is 50 mm. On the tube, metal needles with a length of 13 mm and a diameter of 1 mm are securely fixed.

The principle of the roller is based on piercing, metal spikes, caps on honeycombs. Due to its design and easily rotating head of the roller, the process of printing out the honeycombs becomes much easier.


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