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Refractometer for sugar

Model refractometer designed to measure the amount of sugar contained in the product.

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Refractometer for sugar

The refractometer of this model does not require tuning, it has a glass lens and a PBX function. Used by professional beekeepers who make honey wine, in this process, beekeepers simply need to know the exact composition of the product. The sugar refractometer is very convenient and easy to use, with it you quickly, and most importantly, you can determine the sugar content in the product. Initially, the device was developed for use in the field of winemaking, but to determine the content of sugar in honey, it also perfectly suited.

The process of measuring sugar using a refractometer takes a minimum of time to make a measurement you should open the protective plate and apply a drop of mead, or wine, to the prism. Measuring the sugar content directly in honey, it should be ensured that it has a uniform consistency.

If honey has candied lumps, you should warm up the honey in a water bath and cool it. This procedure will make the measurement process as accurate as possible. After applying the product to the prism, you need to look through the eyepiece, pointing it at the light. The scale, which will be visible in the light, will determine the composition of sugar from 0 to 40% in the product.

The device is designed in such a way as to automatically compensate the temperature of its surface and the product under study. For this, the temperature of the product should not exceed 30 ° C.

The kit includes a pipette, for sampling and a special cover.



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