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Beekeeper's overalls (100% cotton)

Protective overall for the apiary. Sewing out of 100% of the cottage, provides the maximum level of protection for the beekeeper.

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Beekeeper's overalls (100% cotton)

The main thing is that on the apiary, when working with bees, observe the utmost care and accuracy of actions, since only one mistake made by you can greatly harm the bees. But first and foremost, one must have its own security. Working in the apiary undoubtedly puts you at risk of being bitten by bees, because it is impossible to predict where a bite is going to be, one should always remember about your own safety measures. After all, the bite of even one bee, which can occur in the zone of the face or neck, is capable of inflicting no small damage to the beekeeper.

To protect beekeepers from bites, various kinds of protective clothing are produced. Overalls, gloves, hats, masks, nets, this is not a complete list of what is designed to protect the beekeeper's skin from bee attacks. The choice of a means of self-defense should be approached seriously, from the whole range offered on the sales market, there are many fakes or products of very poor quality. Having bought a cheap apiary jumpsuit, you can still be subjected to bee stings, so your overalls at least will be cheap, but in the end it will not make any sense.

Clothing beekeeper must meet a number of criteria. The material for making jumpsuits should not be fluffy, in the tissues of this type bees can become entangled, which, accordingly, provokes them to manifest aggression. The overalls material should not contain synthetic materials, when heated or under the influence of moisture, the synthetics can evolve evaporation, the smell of which can induce bees to aggression. Bees are incredibly susceptible to smells, especially to harsh ones: alcohol, spices, perfumes and so on. It is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol or spicy food before starting work on the apiary.

Overalls of 100% cottons are the best solution for the apiary. The material of the overalls is entirely of natural origin, and is well perceived by bees. Also, the material is rather dense, the sting of the bee is practically incapable of penetrating it. This model of overalls comes with a facial mask of the "Euro" type. Such a mass has a rigid special frame, which keeps the protective mesh away from the skin of the face and neck of the beekeeper, completely excluding the possibility of a bee stings in these areas. Despite the high density of the material, good air circulation is maintained inside the overalls, which is very important, since most of the work in the apiary takes place during the hot season.

The suit has pockets located on the chest and on the femoral part. They are quite roomy and will certainly not be idle. This model jumpsuit is very durable, will serve in your apiary not one or two years, reliably providing your safety.


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