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Feeding trough for bees 0,75 kg (in hive - plastic)

Plastic feeder 0.75 kg per two compartments with a relief wall for the stability of bees. It is inserted into the hive as a bee frame.

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Feeder intraway plastic 0,75 kg

The feeder is made in the form of two separate compartments for the possibility of giving one or two different types of feed. For example: it is possible to give bees simultaneously candy and water, honey syrup and syrup, or simply feed one type of food from both compartments of the feeder. Material - translucent food plastic.

The plastic is quite tight and with a reserve it can withstand all the loads. On the sides of the trough there are special "ears" for insertion into the hive instead of frames. Taking into account the most different types and sizes of hives, the ears are made elongated (the total length of the feeder is 485 mm), which would be fit to fit into the framework. Therefore, before installing the ears, you need to trim under your own size of the hive frame (standard 475 mm). Feeding the bees in the spring stimulates development, and in autumn to a successful wintering

The walls of the feeder are made in a relief shape, which allows the bees to stick to the wall. In strong families, the use of feeders without dams is supposed, and in weaker or thin layers it is recommended to fit a raft of wood, twigs or any improvised material.

Plastic feeders have a number of advantages against traditional feeders for bees:

  •     There are no possible feed streaks through the slots as in the case with wooden
  •     The shape and size do not change under the influence of moisture (food) and temperature
  •     Easily amenable to thermal cleaning and easy to clean with detergents
  •     Durable and easy to operate and maintain

To order the desired type (volume) of the bee trough, select the required configuration when ordering. For any questions you may have, please call us. We are always glad to hear from you.


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