Bee-knife HONEY LIGHT L225

Knife HNAEY LIGHT L225, designed to cut wax prints from honey frames. Production Czech Republic. The length of the blade is 225 mm, the width of the blade is 30 mm

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HONEY LIGHT L225 beekeeper knife, stainless steel blade (Czech Republic)

In order to pump honey out of the framework, first you need to cut off the wax seals (zabrus) from them. Only then honey can flow freely from the honeycombs. For this purpose, there are puff knives. This knife model does not have much weight and good balancing, due to this the knife perfectly sits in the hand. With prolonged work, the beekeeper's hands are less tired, increasing overall productivity.

The thickness of the blade is 0.6 mm, this makes the blade quite flexible and allows you to effortlessly cut the zabrus from the frames that have depressions and other irregularities. The handle of the knife is made of solid wood, does not slip in the hand either with or without gloves.

With the proper care of the knife, its cleaning after finishing the work, the knife will last you for many years.


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