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Jacket of gabardine, protective mask type "Euro"


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Jacket with a mask "Euro" (gabardine)

Beekeeping jacket for work in the apiary. It is made of dense natural material - gabardine. Mask type "Euro" will reliably protect your face and neck from bee stings

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18 €

Jacket with a mask "Euro" (gabardine)

By purchasing protective clothing for the apiary, the greatest attention should be paid to the material from which it is made. Clothing made from synthetic fabrics is not the best choice for the apiary, it is the matter in the components of such material, when heated in the sun or under the influence of moisture, the synthetic begins to evolve evaporation containing a variety of chemistry. For man this does not do any harm, but can provoke bees to manifest aggression.

The possibility of an aggressive reaction of bees to a synthetic material is determined by the method of their communication with each other. The whole bee-family communicates with each other with the help of sets of odors that stand out from the special glands of bees. If one bee senses an imminent threat, it releases pheromone, which spreads, informs about the danger in the vicinity of the bees. In this case, the whole swarm is directed to attack the target, which was taken as a threat, that is, the beekeeper.

That is why it is important to choose protective suits made of natural fabrics, such as gabardine. Gabardine is a woolen, dense fabric made of merino yarn. The material is environmentally friendly, does not contain chemical impurities, which excludes the possibility of evaporation, which can irritate bees.

A jacket made of gabardine, very light, but at the same time dense, the sting of the bee is practically unable to break through the layer of tissue, reaching the skin of the beekeeper. Being in a jacket made of gabardine, you will not experience problems with high temperatures inside, the jacket is well ventilated, the mask "Euro" provides the maximum viewing angle.

A jacket made of gabardine will be an excellent solution for the apiary, it will provide maximum safety and comfort during the work on the apiary.


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