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Smoker with protection from burns

Puffy smoke with protection to prevent burns.

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Smoker with protection from burns

Dymar is a device used in the apiary to calm bees, if necessary, to inspect the beehive. The smoke emitted by the smoke, prevents the spread of the signal about the impending danger, which the bees transmit to each other with the help of an odor system.

The structure of the smoke is very simple, it consists of a cylindrical body having a conical cap. In the case of the smoke is placed a special metal bowl, the bottom of which has the form of a sieve. Holes on the bottom of the bowl contribute to the ash falling into a special space, between the bowl and the hull of the smoke. The cup contains materials that will emit a thick smoke in the process of decay.

This model of smoke, has protection from burns, which makes the process of fumigation of bees more safe.



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