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Electric knife for cutting zabrusa with frames - buy


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Electric knife for cutting zabrusa with frames, 12V

Beekeeping elektronozh with power 12V. Easily cuts prints from bee honey frames

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Production and innovation cooperative "PAVIK"

48 €

Pasichny el.nozh guslaya 12V stainless steel

Previously, in order to cut off the seals, the knives were heated in hot water. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain a high temperature of the water and periodically to heat the knives in it.

But these times are long in the past, they were replaced by a pasach elektronozh, which can be powered by a conventional car battery. This is an undoubted advantage for nomadic beekeepers, and any inverter can be used on a stationary apiary from 220 volts to 12 volts. The use of this knife, undoubtedly, several times accelerates and facilitates the preparation of honeycombs for pumping honey.

The knife does not have a large power of 25 watts, which allows it to be heated to a temperature of 90 ° C, while the power source is economically used. For example, a conventional car battery with a capacity of 60A is enough for more than 28 hours of continuous operation of an electric knife

Technical data of the product:

1. The dimensions of the knife blade: 2mm x 40mm x 230mm.
2. Power of the knife (voltage): 12 volts.
3. The temperature of the heated knife in working condition: 70-90 ° С.
4. The power of the electron-blade: 40 watts (on older models was 25 and 30 watts).
5. Temperature of the connected knife without use (in dry form): 100 ° C.
6. Time to prepare the knife to work (heating to 90 ° C): less than 1 minute (40-50 seconds).
7. Operating time of the knife during the working load: it is not limited (the knife does not require cooling).
8. The knife is made of stainless steel

Power supply possible for connecting the knife:

  • The battery from the car is 12 volts;
  • Car charger 12 volts;
  • The converter of pressure 200 / 12V;
  • Instructions for use

The knife will be ready, to work one minute after connecting to the power source. The temperature of the knife reaches 90 ° C, but when cutting off the zabrusa from honey frames can be reduced to 70 ° C. When working with a knife from time to time, its blade needs to be cleaned of the residues of zabrus accumulated on it. After using the knife, it must be cleaned and dried. Store in a dry place without a sheath.

The knife is supplied in two versions:

  • From high-quality carbon steel (black)
  • Stainless steel for food products

To select the desired type of blade, select the desired option at the top of the page when ordering.

Manufacturer: Pasechny production and innovation cooperative "PAVIK", Ukraine


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