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Mask of the Beekeeper "Euro"

Mask of the beekeeper with a protective mesh. Headgear for safe work on the apiary. Safely protects the face and neck of the beekeeper from bites.

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6.5 €

Mask of the Beekeeper "Euro"

Since bees are very susceptible to smells, before working on the apiary, avoid eating spicy food. Before contacting bees, do not smoke or drink alcohol. The quietest bees can be provoked to attack under the influence of similar smells. Even by observing all these rules, you can not 100% secure yourself against a bee sting, without resorting to special methods of protection, such as a beekeeper's protective mask.

The mask is designed to exclude direct contact between the face and neck of the beekeeper with the bee. The mask is made in the form of a hood with a wide mouth that fits snugly against the beekeeper's shoulders. The mask retains its shape due to a special frame, which corresponds to the contours of the head. Also, the mask has good ventilation, which is an undoubted plus for working in the apiary in the summer, as long as a large apiary has to be held for several hours in a row, comfortable state of health plays a very important role.

Do not neglect simple methods of protection, because the consequences of a bee sting can be quite heavy.


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