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Jero knife bee 11cm

The knife with the firmer sharpening of the company "Gero" easily copes with slicing honeycomb. A small blade is convenient for cutting honeycomb honey.

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Jero Beekeping


9 €

Jero knife bee 11cm, Portugal

Специальная заточка ножей Джеро специально для пасечных работKnives for the beekeeper must be of the highest quality. After all, the beekeeper does not always have the opportunity in the course of his work to sharpen a knife or buy a new one. It is for connoisseurs of a quality instrument that we present a series of knives by Gerro (Portugal).

The Gero pie-cutter of the 4450s is designed specifically for small work, which is not convenient to make a large knife. Thus, when printing out honeycombs, unsealed sections of the honeycomb may remain. With this work, the Jerome 4450S knife can easily handle. Especially convenient this knife will be for fans of honeycomb. The knife easily cuts the honeycomb.

Knife handle is made of hardwood. The blade of a knife 2 cm wide and 11 cm long has a special laser wave-like sharpening on one side.

Manufacturer: Jero Beekeeping.


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