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Wax natural


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Wax natural

Packing of natural wax weighing 5 kilograms. Sheets of wax are made of natural, purified wax, made according to GOST. There is a wax under the frame type "Dadan" and "Ruta"

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40 €

Wax natural

Experienced beekeepers know how safe the bees use only natural, natural materials in the process of working with bees and beekeeping in general. One of the most important factors affecting the productivity and development of the bee family is the quality of the honeycomb. From the quality of the honeycomb, used when framing the frames, depends on how the bees build the honeycomb. On a deformed or poor-quality wax, the bees will build up the tartar cells. Also, the uterus may not work on some cells of honeycomb plastic or a bad honeycomb.

The wax we offer is made of wax, purified by special technology. The composition of the wax is completely free of colorants or any other additives. The possibility of infection of bees through a wax is also excluded. Wax passes the disinfection procedure according to the patent number 10100 developed by the Institute of Beekeeping named after. PI Prokopovich.


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