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20 liter bucket for honey


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Bucket for honey (20 liters)

Large plastic capacity of 20 liters capacity, made of food plastic. The most popular container for honey during transportation

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Bucket for honey (20 liters)

When selling honey in the market, it is not uncommon for customers, after acquiring a small amount of honey from a beekeeper, come back to buy more of the product they liked so much. In a similar situation it will not be advisable to sell 10 buckets with a capacity of 2 liters, you need a larger container. Plastic container for honey with a capacity of 20 liters is perfect for such a case. It is also made from food plastic, which perfectly preserves the product from negative external influences and hits of all sorts of garbage. By selling honey in such a container, you can assure the buyers of the safety of the honey for a long period of storage time.

Most often, 20-liter buckets are used to transport honey from the apiary to its wholesale place. The big plus of this bucket is that when you drop the honey in bulk, you just return the same packaging.


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