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Glue for tags on the uterus of Jenter

Special quick-drying glue for gluing opalitic labels on the queen bee. Germanyя.

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Glue for gluing labels to the uterus, Germany.Матку с приклееной меткой легко найти в улье

In beekeeping, the singing of queens has been practiced for a long time. One of the most successful methods of marking the uterus is the gluing of a small opalite plate of a certain color, shape, or number. For gluing, you need to use a special glue that dries quickly, and when dried after a few minutes does not have a third-party specific odor.

Клей для нанесения метки на пчелиную маткуGlue from the German manufacturer is specially designed for use in beekeeping. When applying a label to the uterus, the glue dries within 3-5 minutes and the uterus can calmly return to the beehive with bees. To apply glue on the uterus, use a wooden stick from a match or toothpick.

The glue comes in a glass bottle with a tight lid. The volume of the bottle is enough for a small apiary for several years. Sealed plastic lid allows you to store glue for a long time without losing its quality.

Attention: in our online store for beekeeping there is a set of labels in which this glue is already included.

Supplier: Karl-Heinz Jenter, Germany (Karl-Heinz Jenter, Germany).


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