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Silicone template for bowls for queen cells - buy


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Template for 7 bowls "silicone"

Silicone template for the manufacture of professional wax bowls for queen cells.

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6 €

Silicone template for 7 wax bowls

In beekeeping, with the removal of queens or for the production of royal jelly, often resort to the use of artificial bowls for queen cells. One of the options for obtaining bowls is the independent production of them from wax. Many professionals use this kind of bowls. Wax bowls are made from melted wax, drowning several times by 7-10 mm into it a pattern.

In the breaks when dipping the template into the wax, it is dipped in cold water. The obvious advantage of such bowls is the low cost and high quality. Misochki, made with a template, always have the right shape, which is one of the components in obtaining high quality queen bees.

The silicone template is designed to produce seven bowls at a time. Material - soft silicone.


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