Bowls for the withdrawal of queens with a peg, 10 pcs., Czech Republic, View larger

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Bags for the withdrawal of queens, 10 pcs.

Popular Czech bowls for matkovodov used to remove the uterus or the collection of royal jelly. Comfortable leg for fixing.

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Misochki for the withdrawal of queens with pegs

Misochki with a stalk (peg) are used as professionals, for the breeding of queens or for the collection of royal jelly, and beekeepers are amateurs for the needs of their small apiary or for obtaining milk for their own needs. The expanded size of a 10 mm bowl allows to obtain large bee queens of high quality.

In the bowls we use a pegging system with a peg. Such a leg makes it easy to fix the bowl on the inoculum. The peg is inserted into the cut or drilled holes. You can also attach it to the wax. The manufacturer also supplied special fasteners for the bowls, which cut into the honeycomb (see the website of our store).


For convenience of the beekeeper, bowls are delivered in a wide range of colors. Different colors of bowls allow us to separate bowls with different ages of larvae or with different tribal material.

The bowls are made of thick plastic, which gives special reliability and durability when cleaning, and is suitable for repeated use. Thanks to the high quality, these Czech bowls have proved to be the best bowls for the breeding of queens in beekeeping.

Specify the desired colors of the bowl when you add items to the basket. To buy bowls to remove the queens of different colors, you need to add several items of the goods with different colors to the basket. For any questions, please contact us by phone.

Attention: the price is indicated for a set of ten bowls (10 pieces).

Manufacturer: Czech Republic


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