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Gloves of the beekeeper (leather + cotton)

Polish leather gloves for the beekeeper with armlets. Soft leather and natural thick fabric for maximum comfort.

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Gloves of the beekeeper, professional (leather + cotton)

For many beekeepers, reliable protection of hands and comfort in work are important. Especially in professional and industrial beekeeping without protection from bites are extremely rare. A reliable protection against stings of hands you will be professional gloves made of soft natural leather. Gloves let in air, which makes it possible for the hands to not fog like in the case of rubber gloves. Soft skin allows you to make all the actions in the apiary as comfortable as possible. Long armlets with elastic bands securely fixed on the hand.

Table for determining the size of beekeeping gloves

Gloves are available in three sizes: L, XL, XXL. To select the size you need, measure your palm and size according to the drawing.

With professional gloves, you will not be distracted by extraneous matters and quickly execute all the planned cases on the apiary.

Manufacturer: Poland


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