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Inoculating spatula Swienty

The Swienty beekeeping spatula for transferring larvae (grafts) with a needle-bent "goat's leg", which is bent for convenience, makes it possible to observe the larva.

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Swienty, Denmark


3.25 €

Inoculating spatula Swienty "goat leg"

Swienty - инвентарь для пчеловодства с Дании в нашем интернет магазине УкрБиIn beekeeping, many beekeepers use the method of transferring larvae or, as it is called, vaccination of larvae for growing queen bees or for obtaining royal jelly. To transfer the larvae, there are many adaptations.

One of the professional devices for vaccination was provided to us by Swienty from Denmark. The grafting spatula were made according to the Swiss design and, therefore, it is possible that it is well proven in practice. And thanks to an affordable price, they can be used by both professionals and beekeepers - amateurs.

The spatula of the world producer of beekeeping equipment "Swienty" is made taking into account all the needs of the beekeepers, who are engaged in the transfer of larvae (inoculation of larvae). In the spatula "Swienty" the needle is bent in a special way to the side. This allows you to observe the larva during vaccination without obstacles. Such bending of the needle of the grafting spatula was called "goat's leg" in different directions.

Spatel Swienty "goat leg" has a needle made of stainless metal. The handle is plastic with a thickened handle. The plastic handle has a relief for a comfortable hold in the beekeeper's hand. With this spatula you are guaranteed to achieve the desired result.

Manufacturer: Swienty, Denmark (Swieti).


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