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Grip for frames. Convenient and easy to use


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The grip for frames with wooden handles

Stainless steel frame. Wooden handles make the tool more convenient to use. Country of origin: Ukraine

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The grip for frames with wooden handles

The use of the gripper allows the beekeeper to retrieve the frame from the hive and to hold it without much effort. Also, removing the frame with the help of the gripper, you minimize the bees, the extraction process is quick and easy. A special mechanism will allow you to also effortlessly remove the grip from the ramie, it's worth it, just loosen the grip on the handle and the gripper will open itself.

In the manufacture of the gripper used high quality stainless steel. For more convenience, the handles are made of wood. Thanks to a simple and reliable design, the grip will last without breakage for many years.

Manufacturer: Ukraine


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