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Spatula transfer of larvae

Professional spatula for carrying larvae of stainless steel, double-sided. Austrian quality speaks for itself!

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3.4 €

Spatula transfer of larvae, Austria

In beekeeping, many beekeepers use the method of transferring larvae or, as it is called, vaccination of larvae for growing queen bees or for obtaining royal jelly. To transfer the larvae, there are many adaptations. The best device for this procedure is an Austrian professional spatula.

Для прививки личинок шпателем они должны быть в возрасте 6-24 часов.

This model is a spatula for grafting larvae of professional use. Made of high quality stainless steel. Handle spatula with double seal for ease of use. The extended handle makes it easy to twist the spatula during the transfer of larvae to either side. Manufactured in Austria with all qualitative indicators of the highest evaluation.

For larva vaccination, one-day larvae aged between 6 and 24 hours are used. To control the age of the larvae, it is possible to control the sowing of the uterus on a substituted honeycomb or to orient visually to the size of the bee larva itself. The image shows larvae suitable for grafting. The older larvae do not receive proper uterine upbringing and this can affect the quality of the excreted uterus.


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